Jasmyne “The Uber Realtor” Boykins


Jasmyne Boykins was born in a Miami, Florida inner city community known as “Liberty City.” While growing up in Miami was fun, she was not raised in stable living conditions. After her parents split up during her toddler years, her mother began to battle drug addiction, mental illness, and was in and out of jail throughout Jasmyne’s childhood. Jasmyne spent her adolescence years bouncing between the homes of her grandmother and great-grandmother, who helped raise her in her parents absence. Jasmyne however, did not let those unfortunate circumstances deter her from excelling in her studies, earning multiple awards and certificates throughout her K-12 public school education including: Honor Roll Awards, Student of The Week Awards, Citizenship Awards and etc.

“Not having a stable home during my childhood is one of the main reasons I am in the Real Estate Business. I know what it is like to be a child and be homeless, constantly moving, changing schools and couch surfing at friends and family’s houses. Owning a home maybe a milestone for adults, but for children it provides them a sense of security where they can learn and grow confidently.”

After overcoming the obstacles of a rocky childhood, she managed to graduate high school in 2008. She then enrolled to college at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fl, where she was a Nursing Major. After her freshman year, she felt that College was not for her and she soon after dropped out. She wanted to continue on to get a degree, but in a shorter amount of time so that she could start making money to take care of herself. So, she transferred her credits from FAU and enrolled into a Vocational School (MedVance Institute, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl). After 2 years studying in the Laboratory Science program, she graduated in 2011 with an Associates Degree in Science.

“In high school, I couldn’t wait to turn 15 years old, so I could get my first job. Although, as a little girl I always had a business mind and dreamt of someday being my own boss. I remember in the 6th grade I would pack my book bag full of snacks from home and sell them to my classmates on the school  bus and at school. I had an inventory list, account book, and most importantly I saved my earnings. Eventually, all the children in my neighborhood would come to my apartment to buy snacks. So, I grew my small business and started in-house sales too, in Miami we called it – The Candy Lady House.”

After earning her Associates Degree, she worked several part-time jobs (in customer service positions), while studying to take the Florida Medical Laboratory Technician Exam. In 2012, she passed The State Board Exam, and became a Licensed Medical Laboratory Technician with Qualifications in: Hematology, Immunohematology, Clinical Chemistry, Serology, and Microbiology. She also became a member of The American Laboratory Technologists Board, and within a few months got a full-time position as a Medical Laboratory Technician (Chemistry/Toxicology Department), at a private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Pompano Beach, Fl.

“I worked very hard as a Medical Laboratory Technician. I was an energetic 21 year old, single handedly running a High Complexity Chemistry Laboratory. I was happy and content with my life, until I began to notice I was great at my job, but had no passion for what I was doing. It started about 3 years into my career, when I began to have nightmares every Sunday night before returning to work on Mondays. I dreaded going to work, but I knew I had to go to pay bills and take care of myself. I would often contemplate where I would be if I had followed those childhood dreams of being my own boss.”

In the Spring of 2014, Jasmyne would act on those reoccurring thoughts, and start the process of transforming from an employee to a boss. She invested $425 into her dreams and enrolled into Gold Coast Real Estate School in Tamarac, Fl. While still working in the Laboratory full-time 8:00am – 5:00pm, she began the 63-hour Real Estate Sales Associate Course, going to classes 3 days per week from 6:30pm- 10:30pm. She later passed the course, but was hesitant to take the Florida Real Estate Licensing Exam. Plagued with fear, she kept working at the Laboratory for 2 years, before finally gaining the courage to take the State Licensing Exam. In 2016, she passed the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Exam, and became a Licensed Florida Realtor and a member of The Greater Ft.Lauderdale Board of Realtors.

“Leaving my 5 1/2 year career as a Medical Laboratory Technician was scary to say the least. I had been promoted to General Laboratory Supervisor, and I psyched myself out of leaving my new position that I worked so hard to earn, a thousand times, before I finally made the decision that I was no longer going to work just to make money. I made the decision that creating the life I wanted and having a career doing something that I was passionate about was worth at least trying. After all, I have always been organized, self motivated, independent, and loved to help people. Every job I’ve ever had was in the Customer Service field, so I knew I had the interpersonal skills to help people. And, running a high complexity laboratory and supervising a team of lab assistants and specimen collectors was like running a small business, so I had the experience necessary to run a Real Estate business. I was confident that I would be a great Realtor, but I doubted how I would get there and where to start.”

One day in February 2017, Jasmyne proudly resigned from her job as a Medical Laboratory Technician, and set out on her quest to becoming her own boss and doing what she was passionate about and naturally good at doing. With not much money saved up, but a wealth of ambition and determination, she became a full-time Realtor. Within her first month of  being a newly licensed Realtor, she realized that in Real Estate it takes money to make money! To be your own boss, you have to pay for all of your business essentials, marketing, etc. yourself. Also, there is no guaranteed pay check every two weeks, you are paid based on commissions, so if you don’t earn you don’t eat, and prospecting was not as easy as they made it seem in school. With a stale sphere of influence, no luck door knocking or cold calling, and being a rookie in a city saturated with Realtors, she had to think of something creative, profitable and flexible.

She often contemplated applying for jobs in another Laboratory, but, she made a pact with herself to never be an employee again. In March 2017, she decided to sign up to become an Uber Driver, which gave her the freedom to make her own schedule as she worked on building her real estate business. She balanced being a full-time Realtor while driving for Uber full-time, which was often stressful, but worth the challenge. As she began to get into the flow of her new reality, she started to see that she had made the right decision, and this was just a part of her transformation process.

“I would drive Uber for hours, then log off the app and do some cold calling, or door knocking. I learned to manage my time wisely and use Uber to my benefit as a Realtor. Being tight on funds, I used Uber not only as a source of income, but also as a part of my daily marketing and lead generation, for free. The question I always get from riders is, ‘what do you do besides drive for Uber’? My response was always… “Oh, Im a Realtor too” as I slipped them my business card. But, one day it came to me, that I am not only an Uber driver who happens to be a Realtor too, I am THE UBER REALTOR! I was born and raised in South Florida, so I know the neighborhoods, restaurants, events, cultures and more. I drive the streets of Miami, Broward and the Palm Beaches daily, getting first hand field research of the Real Estate Market. I network with local residents, business owners, professionals, and tourists from all around the world on my daily Uber rides, sharing and gaining information on Real Estate in South Florida and Globally.”

After a bit of brainstorming and strategizing, she created her new name, “The Uber Realtor” and set out to show the world who she was, with confidence, passion and ambition. She believed that  it was possible to create the life you want, be your own boss, while helping others in the process.

“I am Jasmyne Boykins, The Uber Realtor, and I hope that you’ve learned a little bit about me and why I chose to become a Realtor. I hope that my story can help inspire others to follow their dreams, take responsible risks and be true to themselves. With me as your Realtor, you will gain a compassionate, optimistic, market expert who remains resilient no matter what challenges lie ahead. I look forward to assisting you with all of your Real Estate needs!”

- Jasmyne "The Uber Realtor" Boykins