The 3 Step Home Buying Process

For those who have never purchased a home before, the process can seem long and confusing. It indeed can be, if you don’t have a licensed Real Estate Agent to assist you with the transaction. Before you even begin considering buying a home, you should find a Realtor who you feel can best help you on your home ownership journey. If you are on the fence, and think you can complete the process of buying a home alone, you should ask yourself if you are competent and ready to complete all of the following listed in Figure 2 below.


Step 1: Hire a Licensed Professional Realtor

Figure 2



Having a Realtors expertise can save you time, money, stress and mistakes. Now that you have chosen me to be your Realtor, you are ready to move on to the next step in the home buying process. That is getting a brief understanding of how a Real Estate Transaction flows. Yes, your Realtor needs to be the expert, but people are always more comfortable when they know a little bit of something about something. So, having a general idea of what your Realtor is doing on your behalf, and what you should expect, you can feel like you’re apart of the process and not just a spectator. (See Figure 3 below)



Step 2: Know The Flow of a Real Estate Transaction

Figure 3



So, now that you have an experienced Real Estate Agent on your Team, and a general understanding of the flow of a Real Estate Transaction. Now let’s move onto the duties required from you, The Buyer, to move yourself closer to closing the deal on your new home. FYI, if you have been through the home buying process before, you are seasoned and know the ropes. However, it is still ideal to hire a Realtor because, there are constant changes made to Florida Real Estate Statutes, and new programs that are available that benefits home buyers. See Figure 4 below for a list of duties for first time home buyers, (number 6 completed).



Step 3: First Time Home Buyers To Do List

Figure 4