What you need to secure a rental

When you apply to rent an apartment or house, you will need:

  • Information about your employer – Most landlords ask for your last 3 pay stubs
  • Identification – Valid driver’s license (for a credit or background check)
  • Information about where you lived previously – The address and phone number of previous landlords
  • No Evictions (preferably) some landlords have more leniency than others, so you can still find a rental
  • Proof of funds – Copy of last 2 bank statements (in an active account in your name, with a balance of more than $0.00


You also need money to pay for:

  • Your first and last month’s rent (some landlords required 3x’s monthly rent to move in)
  • Application fee (amount set by the landlord, fee applies to each adult over 18 years of age)
  • A security deposit (in case you leave before your lease period ends, or for any damage to the rental unit)
  • Extra rent – if you have bad credit many landlords will approve you, but require more money deposit
  • Utility deposits for electricity, heat, water, cable or other utilities
  • A credit check or a background check (many landlords require applicants to fund and submit their own background check)
  • Pet deposit (if rental unit is pet friendly)
  • Association Fees (If rental requires)


It is important for you too act fast when supplying the required documents to your Realtor. South Florida Rental units go quickly and the offer that is submitted fully packaged, with the application-correctly signed and the deposit attached, gets first selection by landlords. Once you have supplied all of these documents, your Realtor can submit the package to the landlord or their Realtor/property manager, where your application will then be processed. The processing of a rental application can take anywhere from immediately to 4 weeks. The process can be longer if the landlord requires applicants to apply to an Association as well.

This “offer” is written as a lease, but it is not yet a “contract to lease” it is just a rental agreement. A lease is a contract that both parties sign, on behalf of a rental (apartment or house). When you, the tenant sign a lease, you agree to follow the rules written in the contract to lease. Once the landlord and the rental tenant agree upon the terms in the contract, they both sign, any that is money due is given to the respective party, and the lease becomes a legal contract. Once the lease has been signed, the Realtor is no longer apart of any relationship between the property manager/landlord or the rental tenant.



Have all of your documents and ready to make a move ?