Hello Property Owner,


Congratulations on making the decision to offer your home for sell to a lucky buyer who gets a chance to create their own memories in. The decision to sell a home is not an easy one. You’ve created your life around your home, filled it with love and gave it a reflection of yourself. We all know that home is where the heart is and the Real Estate Market is happy that you are offering a piece of your heart, to make another family in search of a home, whole.


In Todays Real Estate Market, you the seller have the advantage, for now at least. South Florida is in a Sellers Market, which is beneficial to you, because there are fewer homes for sale (less competition) to a larger pool of buyers. There are various factors that enable this outcome, in South Florida a few are: growth in employment rates, susstained “low interest rates”, and legislative changes which make it easier to purchase property. Buyers are quick to make an offer to secure the property, thus making home prices rise. It is highly competitive amongst home buyers, and this high demand to low supply creates an opportunity for you to get your asking price or more if you have the right Realtor on your Team.


I am aware that you can sell your home by yourself, but having an experienced Realtor assist you with negotiations, proper comparative market valuations,  and selling your home, can help lighten your workload and make the transition to your next residence easier. I am a Realtor who would love the opportunity to be there with you through out the entire process. Below in Figure 12, are 10 reasons why you should list your home for sale with me!



Figure 12



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